5 Essential Elements For Marathi Abhang

A monkey puts its hand within a vessel made up of peanuts. After having peanuts in its hand it simply cannot choose out its hand as the mouth on the vessel is just not large enough. The monkey for that sake of handful of peanuts won't go away and is particularly caught. A parrot sits with a string laid via the hunter.

A particle of snow appears attractive so long as a diamond is not really noticed The light of the lamp seems excellent providing Sunshine isn't going to increase The satisfaction of sainthood as long as Tukaram Maharaj is not really observed

Who want to be crucified on the cross of sandalwood? Similarly none would like to remain tied inside the chain of gold. Likewise no matter what understanding 1 gains can be a burden Marathi Abhang if that raises a single's Moi.

If someone, who is not from a good household or caste, will make a great point then we should listen to him. A person shouldn't abstain from making the most of internal stuff of your coconut on seeing its tricky outer wrapping.

गेले वारीं तुम्हीं आणिली साकर । सातदी गेली साडेदहा शेर ॥३॥

नाहीं काम माझें काज तुम्हांसवें । होतें गुप्त ठावें केलें आतां ॥१॥ व्यभिचार माझा पडिला ठाउका । न सर ती लोकांमाजी जालें ॥२॥

जन विजन जालें आम्हां । विठ्ठलनामा प्रमाणें ॥१॥

आजिवरी तुम्हां आम्हां नेणपण । कौतुकें खेळणें संग होता ॥१॥

तुका म्हणे चित्तीं । नाहीं वागवीत खंती ॥५॥

तुका म्हणे मना सांगतों विचार । धरावा निर्धार दिसेंदिस ॥३॥

तुका म्हणे त्या ठाया । ओल छाया कृपेची ॥३॥

झाडं जर लावले नाहीत तर पाऊस पडणार नाही. जर पाऊस पडला नाही तर दुष्काळाचे सावट कायमच पुढील पिढ्यांनाही भोगावे लागेल. या सर्व विचारातून त्यांनी अभंगरचना केली…

सावध जालों सावध जालों । हरिच्या आलों जागरणा ॥१॥

राजस सुकुमार मदनाचा पुतळा

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